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Do you feel the need for suspension mods

I typically like a car that really hugs turns and feels solid, a stiffer ride is always a plus for me, so I'll definitely look into aftermarket suspension components like coilovers, strut bars, bushings, etc.

Will you be going the same route or do you feel it's unnecessary as it's not really a vehicle for that?
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I won't really know until I've test driven one, but I'm generally in the leave it as is camp. If the car was a "sport" version to begin with stiffing the suspension might degrade the handling.
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Doesn't look like a lot of wheel gap in the photos I've seen so far. I agree with Electra, though...the test drive will determine whether I feel suspension mods are needed.
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Has anyone test drove a new Elantra Sport to see how those are yet? I'm sure they'll be close to the GT Turbo
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Will have to drive first, then decide. My local dealer near Chicago is expecting them in the area sometime in July. I'll be first in line for a spin!

I'm hoping that they offer SOME sort of options to customize, like different wheel choices, all-around accent skirts for a lower appearance or a burbly-exhaust. Based on the just-released images of the I30 GTN without those silly black camo covers and humps, the silhouette of the car is very pleasing to the eye. the N-front bumper cover and rear spoilers both look great too.

Hyundai can do a LOT with this car and easily develop a hot-hatch following. I hope that they make it possible with aftermarket OEM goodies from their N-Division!
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