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Photos of glass
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Originally Posted by Tvalenti View Post
Ok so the dealer I got it from rolled me on this car and I hate it. Iím done going back to them. I have to keep it for a year then trade it in. By then anyways the new n line sonata will be out and Iíll be buying that. I donít live in elevated areas. Premium doesnít help. No codes come up so the dealer wonít do anything anyways. I put too much down on the car and bought it from a dealer that didnít have shopper assurance. So I got screwed.

It is what it is. Only issue I have now is the glass was all covered with acid etched drips and didnít notice because I had the car tinted almost right after I found I was stuck with it. Itís all on the outside. I tried invisible glass polish, bon ami, steel wool 0000, polishing compound with and without clay and yet the glass still looks like junk. Canít see out of any of the windows when it gets wet. Any other ideas? The dealer had the car for a few days and told me it was fixed but they didnít fix anything. Still shows the stock number in the glass when you fog it up with the ac on a hot day.

The dealer rolled you on this car? What does that mean? You bought a car you don't's that the dealer's fault? Quit playing the victim.
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Brought the car back 12 hours later for a larger car and they wouldn’t exchange it. My fault for not knowing they didn’t have driver assurance. So I’m stuck with the car. Play the victim? Keyboard warrior huh? Instead of trying to start an issue fix the one I’m here asking about. Jeez!

Anyone with some real input would be greatly appreciated.
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Not a keyboard warrior but it gets old seeing people throw themselves a pity party on the internet. You're the one on here complaining. I gave you some legit suggestions earlier in the thread. You haven't shared that much information. First post you didn't even specify which powertrain you have.

Have you tried another dealer? Have you tried driving another with the same specs to see if it exhibits the same condition?
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