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Engine Sounds like has missfire.

Hey all I have a 2019 Elantra Gt N-line. Recently i put on a axle back exhaust for some better noise and less exhaust restriction. This helps in alot of cruising aspects but It has also helped me notice an issue with the car more clearly.

So my car has had a roughl idle and hard start up since almost brand new (cranks and cranks and cranks then starts) but with the muffler delete i can now hear what the exhaust sounds like when its crusing at low speed. It basicly sounds like a popcorn machine popity popity popity popity soon as my foot leaves the gas peddle. I have also noticed a few times it backfires. it almost feels like the engine is getting way to much gasoline or a cylinder is miss firing. cause out of the blue i was going in my garage like i normaly do and the car idled all the way down my parking garage with out a single popcorn sound and a silky smooth idle.

My car only has 16000 km on it now and so far has not made me feel any strong feelings about its reliability. my gas milege is horendous at 11L per 100 km and has been so since i bought the vehicle. any ideas what i can do I already been hosed by the dealer for nearly 1000$ at this point trying to get the car fixed. Also to note i recently felt something pop in my front end and have had issues keeping the vehicle in a straight line since then. happened while i was driving around a corner at 40km hr. Day one i felt a pop as well and had alot of vibration since then now its much much worse and i cannot figure out what is causing it. Car has had 3 brand new sets of wheels and rims multiple re-balances and 2 alignments to no availe at solving that issue. I have personalty checked all my front and back control arms bushings and ballpoints and can't figure out what is causing the issue. To note the car periodically is hard to steer in to the right to the point i need two hands to turn me while. happens at random speeds and often is worse while braking to t point braking causes the car to turn on its own sharply. some times left some times right more times right then others.

any info would be appreciative and helpful
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How are you spending money repairing a vehicle that's under warranty?
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The popping on decel is pretty normal. I get a lot of gurgling especially in 1st & 2nd gear (6MT). Sometimes you can get a pop when downshifting to - also normal.
The idling & starting definitely sounds like an issue, and fuel economy seems high (however very dependent on driving condition).

A quick check would be to pull all the spark plugs and check condition. they should all look pretty equal. You might have a bad coil which is a common issue on older 1.6T's.

Definitely bring up your issues with a dealer, and get some audio/video of what you are noticing. Dealers tend to think 'there's no issue' if the scanner comes up clean (terrible dealership mentality IMO).

With the car being so new, definitely bring it in for warranty.
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Why would you spend money on an exhaust when the vehicle is having all these issues?
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I can always resell the exhaust i had it made specifically to be a bolt on so if i have to put the stock muffler on i can. And i have had to spend money cause i bring it into the dealer and they tell me we can't find anything wrong with our vehicle so please pay use 128 service fee thank you. My car vibrated since the first 20 kms on the the cluster.

Ill be pulling the plugs today so ill post some pictures. I keep having what sounds like a random miss fire alot of late and my rpm droped to nearly 500rpm on regular sit idle so ill post up my findings.
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I took my plugs out and checked them as said. Cylinder 1 and 4 (depicted left to right being 1 on the left 4 on the right) seemed a little extra cooked then the other two. Other wise the gapping seemed fine and no abnormal amount of burn on them. So during reinstallation I flipping the plugs so 1 is now in cylinder 4 excetra.
I put the coils back on and then started it up and went for a drive. The car is no running fairly well. I think maybe my issue was a cool pack not getting a full seat. Cylinder 1s pack did not seem to seat well.

My car still pops and bangs at slower speeds but it now sounds healthy not a sickly sound like a drowning giraffe.

(fyi I hate these coil packs they do not even close over the spark plugs they just apply a spring onto of the spark plug. Which may work better if the top cap of the plug was removed and the spring seated over the plug top.)
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The plugs don't look to bad. Might of been a bad connection on one of the coils. Definitely sounds like your on the right track to solving it. Keep an eye on it, could of been a bad connection from coil to plug
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Yea I think I was as well. Since I checked the plugs I have no issues with idle. Bloody stupid design.
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