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Steering column rubbing noise

I just noticed a rubbing noise in the steering column when turning the steering wheel in low speed situations like backing in or out of a parking space. Maybe it had been there the whole time and was being masked by radio noise or maybe not. Anyone else with this issue? I have the 2018 GTS with the tech package.
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I also have this noise and have the same car as you. Not sure if its an issue or a "feature", but I've gotten used to it. Its one of those things that you can't really do anything about. A dealer will just say "its normal", and as far as performance goes, I don't notice any issues with the steering.
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Mine does this as well. When I have friends riding with me they usually comment on it or ask what is wrong. I’m used to it now so I don’t pay much attention to it.
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I was having a squeaking or sqealing type noise that sounded like something rubbing under the same circumstances but only when it was cold like under 40 dealer replaced right front strut bearing but it didn't fix it I never went back because the weather warmed up and it doesn't do it now but I'll probably be going back this winter.
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I experienced the same thing in under 40 weather, and it always went away after the car warmed up.
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I saw another person post about the same problem on the forum for the sedan but they thought it was something to do with the power steering motor or something like that so definitely something to keep an eye on while it's still under warranty.
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So far this issue seems to be small in numbers which I hope is indeed true.
It will suck if 2018/2019 models are known to be problematic
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I noticed the same rubbing noise the other day. In my case the car had sat for 4 days and the temp was in the teens. I doubt it was the PS motor because mine definitely was under the dash, I'm guessing a bushing or bearing where the column attaches to the underside of the dash. It went away after the heater warmed up the interior a bit...
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