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New N Line owner

2019, Scarlet Red Pearl. No Tech Pkg (just couldn't swing it price-wise).

25k and change out the door.

This replaces my totaled 2017 Elantra Limited sedan. It's the spiritual successor to the car before that, a 2009 Chevy Cobalt SS sedan that I worked on extensively (330hp, 3000lb car).

It's funnish, but it ain't the Cobalt. But the interior is a lot nicer; Cobalts had plastics that got rejected from a Chinese toy factory.

Anyway, shopping for a new front/rear dashcam that can handle high heat (Mojave desert, womp womp).
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Welcome to the forum!
Are you planning to get paint protection done while its still in good condition?
Any plans for other accessories and/or modifications?
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2020 Scarlet Red Pearl manual. Leased it for 36 months. It is replacing a 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport CVT Sonic
Grey Pearl that I was leasing. I was looking at leasing a Si,it had to be a coupe as the 4 door Si is longer than the Civic Hatchback, but Honda didnt have any lease incentives on it. The Elantra GT N Line to me is the next vehicle in a Hot Hatch that meets my requirements. So got with the dealer in Holland and they came up with a great package. My wife likes the interior of the Elantra over the Civic Hatch we had. She says it is more elegant. I say it is closer to a true GT than the Civic. Oh comparing a 2020 version of the Civic we had to the Elantra GT N Line, the MSRP was real close, yet the Elantra by far is a better vehicle.

Honda suggested using Premium in the Hatchback to get to the peak HP & Torque. I am wondering if that would also work for the turbo 4 in the Elantra. Using Premium would help keep the engine from spark knocking and all modern engines have spark knock sensors that retard the timing when they detect spark knock. Any one ever try Premium?
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The GT Sport and N-Line both reach peak HP and Torque on 87 Ethanol. There's no secondary tune on the ECU.

You can grab a piggyback tuner and run 91 or 93 and push a serious amount of extra power out though.
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