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Impressed with gas milage

2018 GT Sport, 10,300 miles. I have been consistently getting 36-37 mpg computer reported gas milage on So. Cal freeways.

I decided to finally check the milage via a gas tank top off for a trip to Rancho Bernardo (San Diego) I filled up with 91 octane at Costco which is directly off the Freeway in Ontario/Eastvale. The trip was 187 miles (about 15 miles was street) Cruise Control was set at 70 mph for a majority of the Freeway miles.

When I made it back to Chino it took 5.22 gallons to fill the tank = 35.82 mpg. The computer calculated mpg was exactly 36.0. The outside temp was mid 60's for both fill ups. When filling up the tank I let it automatically shut off. When filled I waited for five seconds and continued to fill until it shut off again. Essentially trying to get the exact amount in the tank for both fill ups. Certainly not foolproof, but the best I could come up with.

That trip is anything but flat terrain with some significant climbs. (and descents) The cool temps and 91 octane probably helped, but non the less I was impressed with that milage vs the EPA rated 32 mpg. Probably most amazing was that the Computer generated milage was near dead on with the actual. Others have reported 5+ percent lower mpg actual vs computer.

Not that it would matter much but I am running a fresh fill of 5w-30 Shell Rotella Syn. oil. (Marketed for SUV / Trucks but perfectly fine Dexos 1, gen 2 SN+ oil for any car requiring those specs)
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