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Remote Door lock sound

Can the Door lock "chirp" be changed to the car horn? The default can't be heard from to far of a distance. I have huge parking lots in So Cal. and sometimes im off by a row or two finding my car. The little squeak it makes now is a pain. I guess I could just set off the panic alarm from the remote on the rare occasion I have a brain fart.
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Yeah I'm not sure and have never tried. However, you probably still have the bluelink subscription and could check it remotely if you think that you forgot!

Note: I have noticed that it will sometimes tell me the car is unlocked when I know for a fact that it is locked. I think they have fixed it now but you can mash "lock" again if you are unsure!
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Any ideas as to why they didn't just use the car horn in the first place? Not that I've ever really been a fan of factory Korean horns, at least it did make finding your car a bit easier. I know some vehicles have a 'locking mode' setting that can alter the horn chirp.
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The alarm sound option is supposed to be under Horn Feedback. However, while this option is shown in the manual, it's not an option that's available in the MFD. It's the opposite, I want to turn off the audible chirp.
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I bet there's some way to by pass it and go right to the horn.
Used to work on cars years ago and systems like these are very simple and rarely changed especially with cheaper vehicles like this.
Its only when you shop higher end (Mercedes, Audi, BMW) that everything gets integrated, locking anyone but the dealer and manufacture out.
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