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DIY Cargo Mat guide

After I bought my GT Sport, one of the first things I wanted to do was to replace the stock mats in the car with rubber ones. I know the stock mats, like in most cars of this price, are pure crap and are likely to fall apart in a few months. I like rubber mats because they are easy to clean and hold up well, however I couldn't find any for the 2018 GT that were not extremely expensive. I just don't have the will power to pay north of $250 for mats.

For the interior floor mats, I went to walmart and purchased some "universal fit" mats that I had to cut to fit. These cost ~$20 at my local walmart, and after cutting them to fit they came out great. Here is the link to the ones I bought - Custom-Fit-4-Piece-All-Weather-Car-Floor-Mat

Walmart also had a similar cut to fit option for the cargo mat, but it wasn't to my liking and seemed like it wouldn't fit as nicely as I'd like. After looking online a bit, I found a few companies selling a rubber cargo mat for the 2018 GT at a price of around $100. Looking at the pictures they all looked like a basic rubber mat that was cut out to the shape of our car's cargo floor. There was no way I was going to pay $100 for something like that. Instead, I went to home depot and bought a trafficMASTER 3ft x 4ft Deck Plate Mat for about $18 and cut it to fit my cargo hold. Below are steps and photos:

Tools needed:
- good quality sheers
- straight edge
- box cutter

1. Remove the cargo floor from the car. It comes right out.
2. lay it over the rubber mat and plan out your cuts.
3. use the straight edge and box cutter to mark the major cuts.
4. use the box cutter to trace out the more detailed areas.
5. use the sheers to cut the rubber mat, following the cut lines from the box cutter.
6. throw it all in the car and make any small adjustments to get to a perfect fit.

took all of 20 minutes and came out perfect.
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