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OWNERS: What changes/improvements would you like?

I've had my 2018 GT Sport DCT w/ tech package for several months now. It's a great car! No matter how great a product is users can always come up with ideas for improvement. Here are a few of mine.

  1. Additional sport mode that sharpens shifts but doesn't cause revs to hang. This would be nice for around town driving
  2. When using App to remote start allow option to enable heated seats
  3. Do not blink turn signals/hazards while running on remote start. Either no lights or solid yellow lights please!
  4. We need an additional USB power receptacles. Also make USB wattage greater for faster charging.
  5. Offer Separate USB slots for AA/Apple Carplay and separate for USB music
  6. Increase power to wireless charging. The feature is awesome but it doesn't fast charge.
  7. Improve traction control. I've been far more impressed with the traction control I've had on BMWs.
  8. Change the name. Why not use i30? This car doesn't seem to have any connection to the Elantra sedan. Elantra has negative connotations associated with it to lower cost economy cars.
  9. Memorize my settings! Why do I have to select Auto-stop every time I drive the car?
  10. Create a hard button for home button on infotainment.
  11. In settings allow user option to have unlock activate unlock on all doors or just driver door.
  12. Auto open/close for passenger window
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Completely agree about the name, I don't think the Elantra branding is helping at all with buyer interest. I would also like to see them place a limited slip differential to help it maintain grip when hard exiting corners.
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The auto-dimming rearview mirror doesn't work very well. It only dims during night time driving, but doesn't help at all when there is someone with lights behind you or sun glare during day-time driving.
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I have the Base with Tech/Style (1 month now) and overall very pleased with the car. Coming out of a 2014 Focus HB i would like to see a button to release the hatch, a better rear camera w/backup sensors. Also would like auto up and dn on the windows. I am still getting used to the shifting in normal there is a slight hesitation on tip in then it's like a turbo kicks in and in sport tip in is too abrupt...although it is much better in traffic than the Focus DCT shutter. I definitely would like autohold to default on. As for the seats, I would like the front to go a bit lower and the seat bottom to be a bit longer. As for room, I have 2 60 lb dogs and with the seat folded it is better than the Focus and the 1 dog bed fits almost perfect to make up for the 4" step between the hatch floor and the folded seat back. I will add some kind of D rings up in the side panels so I can hook up their seat belts.(or just make some extensions to use the cargo net rings). I will be taking an 11 hour trip in it soon and that will be the "true" test for comfort, wind and tire noise. One of the first mods for me will probably be tires as the Contie's just don't feel right plus if they are anything like the OE ones on my other Focus they get very noisy after a few thousand miles.
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1) Second the limited slip differential. Stiffer rear sway bar is already available on the aftermarket and reduces inside wheel slipping on sharp corner exits significantly and is affordable.
2) Remotely adjustable shocks. Factory shocks are actually pretty good but are still a compromise.
3) A shift light for downshifting with dct. The tranny already upshifts automatically when it should, but taking time to view the tach on braking or slowing can cost you a cone or two.

I really enjoy autocrossing this car. A better driver could trophy most of the time at local club events
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