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Everything is behind the dash. I got the Crutchfield instructions from another post. Used yellow/black and brown/white behind the deck. This is a base model. I do not have the factory sub and amp. I used 16-18g Posi taps.

Tapped those for audio and I used the red white from the grey connector for power. Should be an orange and red next to each other. I used the black from the same connect for ground. Stick the LC2i behind the dash above the glove box. Ran the rca and remote wire to the back on pass side.

Knowing what I know now tho I would’ve ran the rca/remote wire on the left side. The easiest grommet to use is on pass side for power from battery. Push the power through the firewall from the engine bay. Make sure you use your finger first to push inside the grommet and make sure you’re in the correct hole. It’s not the small hole on the outside of the grommet. It’s like a double walled grommet. Unravel some tape on the harness and grommet then make sure you’re inside the harness.

Use a philips screwdriver with wd40 and push it in easily and try to stay against the harness. If not you will poke a hole through the grommet on the inside. You don’t want to do that you want to expand the grommet around the harness you won’t need a lot of force to get on the other side. Once you feel it push through send the power wire in with the screwdriver still in there to help keep the grommet open and slide the power lead in.

You will need to push enough wire inside the cabin to find it. It’s behind the cabin filter so you will need to unclip the bottom panel with 3 clips and pull it out under the glove box. Keep using wd40 on the wire to slide it through the grommet easily. Don’t tug on it without it. You’ll invert the grommet and make it not seal or worse tear it. Stick the wd40 hose inside the grommet to not make a mess and it’ll lube the wire.

Once this is all done just pull the sill plate trim out towards the seats and start tucking the wires under and make your way to the trunk.

Tools required are Phillips and plastic panel tools. It helps not damaging the dash.

Find the Crutchfield instructions for removing all the panels. It’s linked on this forum. It helped me with removing all the panels and wires. I ohm tested the wires too before splicing. They should 4.5ohms if they are speakers.
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