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Originally Posted by simpsonknight View Post
Welcome! I just got my N-Line a few weeks ago. Also have a 6speed (wanted the manual though, could only find DCTs for awhile) and in southern Ontario! I've only seen ONE N-Line in the wild, so chances are you'll be the only person around with that car! Also, if you didn't know, the exhaust pops pretty loud if you rev it from 1500-2500rpm. Just have it at 1500 then give er a little gas and make it go to 2500ish and you should get a decent pop! Gotta be in first or second gear and going slow or stopped.

Will give it a try. The cold starts sound insane for a 4 banger. It rumbles very nice for a stock exhaust system. Definitely was tuned to perfection before leaving the factory.
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