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Ok as this states i have had issues witb my 2019 elantra gt Nlines turbo for a while now. My car would perioticly go jnto ljmp mode while under load and would be relativly not smooth at all even after replacing the boost solanoid did not help. First problem showed very much so worse on 5w30 oil. Once changed to 5w40 issues with this lessoned but had not dissapered entirly.

I was at the dealer a week ago and asked them to torque the oil feed lines to the turbo which they did at no cost while it was in and so far a week has passed with zero turbo spool issues and proper full boost with no hesitation or limp mode issues. Just straight stable boost.

So if you are experiancing this and have done everyrhing i mentioned before hand tey having this done especialy if tou notice oil on the drip tray bellow the turbo. Hope this helps everyone with simalure problems.
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