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1st long trip

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Good morning all. Just got back from my 1st trip in my GT Base w/tech and style. Car had 2800 miles went to NC from NY 750 miles each way. The only mod was changing the OE tires to a set of Riken ZR A/S that a friend had given me. The tires are sooooo much nicer than the OE's, quieter and giving the car a much more buttoned down feel. I have made this trip many times in my '14 Focus hatch so a quick comparison. The seats (11 hours) were a bit more comfortable in the Focus, I think because you can get them lower so you sit more stretched out, but the cooling feature makes the GT the winner. The GT was quieter, less wind and tire noise (Focus had Cooper RS3's) and got better Gas mileage avg 37 vs 35. They both have about the same HP and weight but the GT felt more powerful. The one downside of the GT is the cruise control it really sucks compared to the Ford. The Ford reacts to increase and decrease in speed just like you are using the throttle. The GT seems like you are waiting for water to boil when to increase or decrease the speed. The GT cruised at 78-80 mph with some 90's to get around the usually "left" lane bandits. I am a left foot braker and the Ford cut me a little leeway when using brake and throttle to get the RPM's up where as the GT is almost an instantaneous shut down. Oh and 1 other thing is the GT has much more usable room in the back. All in all the GT is a wonderful highway cruiser...
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I'm surprised you don't like the cruise control. I think it works great in my car (GTS w/ tech pack). Better than any other I've used.

I agree about the seat height. I wish the seat would go lower. I'm 5'10" and have the seat all the way down. I have the rear view mirror twisted upward as far as it'll go and it's still not quite enough.
Hyundai has a lot to prove so maybe it means future versions will get improvements to even simple things like the cruise control. Your not the first person i heard it from!
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