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Hyundai’s Elantra hatchback may be straightforward and agreeable, but that doesn’t mean the vehicle is lacking in features and performance. CarAndDriver took a Elantra GT 2.0L for a test drive and though they found it lacking in the active-safety department the hatchback does make up for it by offering owners a roomy cargo hold, comfortable seats, and great fuel economy.

Calling the front seat’s comfort level “steller”, the Elantra GT’s cabin has a premium feel with soft-touch plastics in the upper door panels along with a laundry list of standard features. There’s an 8.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 3.5-inch driver-information screen, heated door mirrors and more.

Of course what’s a hatchback without ample cargo space and the model delivers that and more with 25 cubic feet of cargo space and the load floor can be adjusted to sit right at rear bumper height or lowered a few inches. For even more space, the rear seats can be folded almost flat to add on another 30 cubic feet of storage. Compared to its rivals in the segment, only the Civic hatchback managed to marginally beat the Elantra’s seat up cargo space.

Though CarAndDriver does think the 201-hp turbocharged engine and multilink rear suspension could be sportier, test drivers are impressed by its highway fuel economy. The EPA’s highway fuel economy estimate for the GT was 32 mpg and the test vehicle managed a good 37 mph.

Not bad for an MSRP of just $19,350 or $20,350 with an automatic transmission.

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Most features don't even get used, at least not in my case and it ends up being wasted on people like me. We just need something that drives well, affordable and practical. The Elantra GT checks many of those boxes. Too bad they didn't mention city fuel economy because that's what we're stuck in most days.
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