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2018 Elantra GT Sport Bluetooth issue.....

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Hello All,

I shared this in the original Hyundai forum but, now here as i feel all should know. My only complaint for the Gt Sport is the Bluetooth audio quality. Since day one in March when i bought it, connected a Samsung S8 and/or Iphone 7 the module has had issues. No issues connecting any of the two phones. The issues begin when driving and trying to talk using the Bluetooth system.

Now, I have connected using Android Auto and Apple Car Play as well and the same issues.


Firmware on both phones always up to date as i worked for 10 years for Rogers in Canada and i know firmware updates installed are always up to date on my phones.
Phone is either being charged by Qi (Samsung) or Wire (Iphone)

Was at he dealer once already , reported it, they tested it with no success to repeat issues...of course they did,


1. Someone calls me: hello, sorry i cannot hear the person says to me, Hello, then hangs up, Volume up all the way on the phone and car unit.....
2. Vice Versa I call someone else.....

my personal view is that I have a bad mic, that does not block background noise well or just malfunctioning....

Has anyone else experienced this issues....

So finally got tired of it and wrote a clear email to Pineview Hyundai, its President, Service Manager and my Original sales person.....Telling them that if he did not call me with a minute I would repeat his to Hyundai Canada.....He called within a minute of me sending it....he has stated they will order the entire Radio unit module (not a new mic, which i presume is in the headliner where the lights are)

hoping to have it replaced next week at some point and report on findings....stay tuned..

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Please keep us posted. I don't do a lot of phone talking in the car and have only had calls in the car twice. The first time, the car was parked and I made the call, while connected to carplay. The person on the other end complained that they couldn't hear me well. The second time, I had someone call me while driving and there was no complaint from them. I assumed that the issue with the first call was on the receiving end, not on mine. Will try to make more calls and see if there are any issues.
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