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Just purchased a CPO GT Sport with 6-speed. Lots of fun so far!

Question... does anyone know how the emblems should be placed on the hatch?

The Elantra’ emblem is level and seems fine, but the ’GT’ emblem does not align with it.

Also the ’Sport’ emblem on the passenger side of the hatch is not level... it rises from left to right. Is that correct?

Assume the emblems can be removed with a hairdryer and re-glued, but what kind of glue is best?

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They aren't put on perfectly from the factory. Many vehicles from many different makes, aren't really aligned with the ground.

It's just standard automotive double-sided "gray" adhesive. You can easily peel it off on a warm day in the sun, or a hair dryer.
I just redid my emblems. Fishing string pulled between the emblem and body service is an easy way to remove them from the vehicle, a little heat might help but I didn't use it. Tape ends up destroyed so I removed the excess from the emblem and applied new tape. It's the grey kind in a foam material with red backing, available at any Home Depot.
They are crooked from factory. Funny thing is a few buddies of mine have a 2018 GT Sport and 2020 GT N Line in addition to my 2019 GT N Line. We had them lined up one day and it seriously looked like from 2018 to 2020 they got ever so slightly more straight.
Thanks for all the replies. Will get to this minor fix soon.

More questions. Has anyone changed to a stiffer front sway bar and also added neoprene motor mounts to counter the oversteer I understand these cars to have a problem with? Does anyone know of a good source for these two items... reasonably priced?

Also, has anyone installed a Race Chip to increase HP/TQ?
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