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2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport (P1690: Immobilizer SMARTRA no response)

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Hello everyone,
I have a 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport (Manual).
I bought this car from an auction and this car was sold as "Vandalism". There was no power to the car when I got it. I quickly realized that the entire fuse box (Junction box) 91950-G3130 was missing from the car as well as the connectors cut out. From 1 month of research, I found out that Hyundai does not sell the interior wiring harness (91124-G3070) anymore. I then bought a 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT (automatic) that was wrecked to salvage the connectors to the fuse box so I can at least solder the wires together. After 3 whole days of sodering 7 connectors that felt like thousands of wiring, the car got power. But the dash was lighting up crazy, like Christmas tree. The OBD port was not responsive. The car was not communicating at all. What did I do after? I bought the exact same car with far more millage to fix this car. 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport (Manual), confirmed with the dealer, same part number for the fuse box, wiring harness, everything. Took both car's dash out and took at the wiring harness side by side, after hours and hours of repining and resoldering wires to the correct corresponding spots checking for continuity I fixed the major wiring harness. But just to make sure, I put the wiring harness from the working (Parts car) to my car, sure enough the car was then able to communicate, not only that there was no more Christmas lights on the dash. Functioning like a normal car. I got a brand new key from Hyundai, and programmed the key as I was able to plug in my scanner to the car. After successfully deleting all the fault codes and programming the key, I tried to start the car. But it died within 3 seconds of it starting. I plugged in my scanner to see what's going on, and it shows (P1690: Immobilizer SMARTRA no response). I know for a fact I plugged in everything EXECPT; Few wires that I think is not every important to get the car started.
These are the wires that was not part of the wiring harness that I changed completed. These include wiring harness that comes through the firewall from the engine/ECM and floor wiring harness that plug into the junction box (which I replaced used; same part number of course).
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Green: 2
4. IPS Control Module: Passenger Seat Belt Buckle Switch
10. IPS Control Module: Parking Brake Switch
Pink: 2
5. IPS Control Module: Driver Seat Belt Buckle Switch
31. IPS Control Module: Tail Gate Switch
Orange: 2
12. Luggage Lamp
21. IPS Control Module: Driver Door Lock Actuator (Door Key Unlock Signal)
Blue: 4
16. IPS Control Module: Rear Door Lock Actuator LH (Door LH Lock/Unlock Signal)
18. IPS 2 (1CH) (B/UP LP): Rear Combination Lamp (IN) LH/RH
26. Passenger Door Lock Actuator (Door Lock/Unlock Signal)
29. IPS Control Module: Driver Door Lock Actuator (Door Lock/Unlock Signal)
Brown: 4
1. [With DRL LED] Head Lamp RH, DRL RH (E06)
4. IPS0 (4CH) (H/LP LOW RH): Head Lamp RH (E06)
28. IPS Control Module: Head Lamp LH
34. IPS Control Module: DRL RH
White: 4
3. Fuse - HTD MIRROR: E/R Junction Block (Rear Heated Relay) (EF11)
6. [W/O H/Lamp LED] IPS3 (4CH) (T/SIG FRT RH)
10. Fuse - MODULE7: Front Air Ventilation Seat Control Module, Front Seat Warmer Control
Module (EF11)
29. IPS Control Module: Head Lamp RH
Grey: 3
5. IPS0 (4CH) (H/LP HI LH): Head Lamp LH (E05)
36. IPS Control Module: DRL LH
45. IPS3 (4CH) (H/LP HI RH): Head Lamp RH

Red: 8
2. Fuse- S/HEATER FRT: Front Air Ventilation Seat Control Module, Front Seat Warmer Control
Module (FS21)
4. LCAD Fuse - INTERIOR LAMP: Luggage Lamp (F46)
5. Fuse - MODULE4: Blind Spot Detection Radar LH/RH, Electric Parking Brake Switch (2)
8. IPS0 (4CH) (T/SIG RR RH): Rear Combination Lamp (OUT) RH, Passenger Power Outside
Mirror (FD21)
10. Rear Wiper Relay: Rear Wiper Motor (F21)
21. Tail Gate Relay: Tail Gate Latch (FR21)
38. Power Window LH Relay: Power Window Main Switch, Passenger Power Window Switch
Green: 5
24. IPS6 (2CH): High Mounted Stop Lamp
26. IPS5 (2CH) (STOP LP LH): Rear Combination Lamp (IN/OUT) LH
30. Door Unlock Relay: Passenger Door Lock Actuator, Rear Door Lock Actuator RH (2)
36. IPS5 (2CH) (STOP LP RH): Rear Combination Lamp (IN/OUT) RH

I checked the continuity of the Brown/Orange wire that connects to one of the Smart Key Control Module to joint connector that goes through the firewall to the engine wiring harness to the fuse box to ECM/PCM. This is a lot to take in I know. But I just don't know what could possibly cause this problem... What should I do??? If there's anyone out there that might know more about the Smart Key Control Module, that would be nice. Thank alot!!
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