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845 Motorsports catless downpipe

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Well, this took about 8 hours spread out over two days. Some things I want to address if you do this. First off watch the KDM Tuners video like three times prior to attempting it. Buy new hardware, 100%! The stock hardware is trash and damn near impossible to get out of the turbo. You can't have enough ratchet connectors, all lengths and sizes and get the bendy socket sets. PB blaster is your friend. You will absolutely need to remove the intake, battery, battery tray, ecu, intercooler charge pipe and the shift cables bracket (the cables are round on one side and square on the other just simply remove the cables from the trans and then rotate and pull up). There's a bunch of heat Sheilds you will need to remove, the one below the intake manifold I unbolted the top two bolts and bent it out of the way.

Apparently if the turbo is warm the studs come out way easier but I don't like burning myself and only the top bolt was a problem. All in all it was pretty tough but with a friend helping we got it done. The sound difference is very noticeable. I had a muffler delete prior so it's not like my car was quiet but this thing gurgle and pops loud and the backfires increased in volume by 200%. I had been contemplating getting the secondary cat and resonator deleted but I dont think so anymore it's plenty loud and I like loud cars.

If you have any questions fire away. I'll make a video of the exhaust sound once I get a chance.
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Sounds like a catted DP will be quieter. Maybe can then remove the 2nd cat.
Would running a catted dp with the second cat deleted be different from a catless dp and secondary cat intact?
As far as what? Sound? Performance?
The non catted DP is going to present the most noise and rasp. If you run one you will need a good resonator and performance muffler to tame it down. Really becomes an experiment for what you are looking for. Getting a 1.6L to sound descent is a difficult task.
I like where the cars at now. Its loud but not obnoxious loud if I'm gentle on the throttle. When I get on it though you hear it, but I feel like the pull you get for it is worth it.
Sounds like you are happy with it then.
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