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Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.

Just got new tires for my 2018 Elantra GT sport ultimate, after finding the inside portions of the tire treads have been worn down pretty good -especially pronounced in the front wheels. I have been faithfully rotating tires every 7500k miles...currently at 44k miles).

I had NO idea what a difference a set of better tires would do for driving dynamics for my car(new shoes are Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4)...seriously shocked at how nicely it rides(well...besides this weird feeling of "roughness" in tire roll?...maybe due to misaligned wheels).

After getting the new tires installed at 44k miles(the stock kumhos are seriously not a good fit for this car's handling capabilities btw), I decided to go in for a 4 wheel alignment.

I waited about 30 minutes and got a printout(pics attached). I was told my car is now "aligned perfectly" and I took the tech/mechanic's words as true and said thanks, paid, and went home).
Noticed that the car seemed to track straight...but felt this weird "roughness" in the ways the tires rotated...almost felt as if one or more of the tires were out of balance.

So, after I got home, I looked up some sample alignment specs for several cars...and my car's alignment seems a little "off".

Can any experts here let me know what exactly might be wrong with this alignment...and if it has been done correctly at all?

If every measurements are out of wack, what should I do and ask of the wheel shop to do to remedy the problem?

Thanks in advance for any input in this.


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I believe our cars are designed from the factory to have a bit more camber than typical to aid in handling. The ship you went to probably just followed oem specs for camber. If you want them straighter you would have to specify that to the shop.
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