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Good News

Hyundai heard everyone's complaints, and has started to make/sell All Weather Liners for 2020 EGTs. Unfortunately, they are awfully expensive coming from the Dealer (more like Stealer amirite?). They list for about $225. (I'll could sell them to members of the forum for ~$200 after California's dumb tax + whatever shipping is to anywhere in the US) I have a feeling they're just Weathertech liners, but with either the Hyundai Logo/Elantra GT Badging. I'll have a couple coming into my dealer in a couple days for myself, and I'll throw some pictures up on this forum. I'll also double check to see if they fit any of Previous PD vehicles (I have a feeling they will since they haven't changed the body)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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