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Greetings from the Coastal Prairie of Texas, with a new (to me) '18 GT Sport.

I went out one Monday morning with the intention of buying an RV. Well I did, sorta. Driving is a recreation for me, but I digress. When I first saw Dolly (yes, that's her name), I bought it on sight (I wanted an Elantra Touring years ago, but couldn't get it at the time, and thought this also the Touring at first). So...what does one do when they buy a new car?

You wring it out.

Friday that week, I took off from Prairie Switch, Texas, and headed west on the interstate with all intentions of looking at that big pond they say is out there. Well, the Fates thought they had it in for me by stopping traffic about 15 miles shy of Van Horn. So, I back-tracked a bit and took the scenic route. Made a stop at Roosevelt Lake Recreation Area in AZ...beautiful lake there. Heard the quietest freight train in the world at Needles, CA, then soaked me tootsies in the Pacific. The drive through the San Bernadino Valley was most triumphant. But coming back...Christ Almighty, some of the roads out there...89A through Jacob Lake, US 50 through the Rockies, 64 between Angle Fire and Cimarron, the miles and miles and yet more miles of the Llano Estacado...boys & girls, we have a beautiful country full of some of the best driving roads in the known universe.

I retired the middle of this past June. Between the first week of August and mid-September, I had driven about 10,000 miles. Just riding around, in a '13 Kia Forte hatch. I bought Dolly on 9/23, took off on 9/28, and returned five days and +4,000 miles later. Wonderful little car. Still getting used to the DCT, the turbo is fun (hate the diverter bypass tube, though), and Android Auto finally stopped giving me conniptions and decided to play nice. I thought the seats would be bothersome, but after sinking into the bolsters after several hundred miles, it felt quite comfortable. I probably got close to the fuel mileage my Kia got, best guess would be 28mpg or so, but I kept it at 70mph most of the time.

I'll probably keep my long rides down to a few days or four, and once a month. Sad to say, since I moved south from the Hill Country, there aren't many good driving roads amongst the cow pastures and rice fields of the Texas Gulf Coast (they are out there, though). Most of the time, I'm picking up the grandkids from school or running errands for my dear DIL.

Aw, geez...I sound like an old man.
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