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I've had the Bluespark box in my 2020 GT N for a little over a year and definitely had a lot of fun driving this thing. It's the first part I added to my then brand new car :)
Throttle response is greatly improved and turbo lag pretty much gone. Adds around 30 HP & definitely gives the little engine a good amount of oomph and makes it way more aggressive. Super fun to drive and the engine gets really lively around 3.5k RPM.

Five different settings, can be adjusted with a little jumper in the box. I mostly used the medium "3" setting, and "5" definitely pushes you back in your seat. Wheels spin from second to third if driven aggressively. The Bluespark is definitely a smash hit for the price.

Original wiring harness, bypass plug and instructions included. Install takes 30 minutes or less. The boost sensor is located below the air filter box and pretty hard to reach without removing the air filter box. Easy peasy. I zip tied the Bluespark box behind the battery, fits perfectly.

Pulled out of my GT N last night with a little over 10k miles on it. Absolutely perfect & works great. I'm in NY $195 shipped venmo/paypal/cash app.

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