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I have gotten to drive the 2018 GT S with the tech package and absolutely love the stereo system in it. I HATE the panoramic sunroof and apparently I can not special order a 19 or the 20 (when it is released) to have everything in the tech package minus the I'm stuck with the N Line with the base stereo. I will not be able to drive one for about another month when I go out of state since they are like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Does anyone have the specs and info on the base system VS the tech system. All I can find is the basic info about 7 speaker w/sub infinity. No info on the head units for comparison or the amp etc. All I've heard is the base setup sucks horribly.

Also, if anybody would like to chime in with any upgrades they did to make their base sound better and more like that tech package, please let me know what you did and avg cost :) Thanks!
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