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Greetings from Maine!

I was eyeing this car since it was announced and I ended up getting it after I test drove 8 other comparable vehicles. It was a hard decision but given the offer from the dealership, it was hard to resist. This was the first officially sold 2018 Elantra GT Sport, fully loaded, on the East Coast. My budget was $20K and I wanted a 6MT. This car was $29K and AT. They could not really get any sticks for weeks then (just released) and I already sold my 1999 Accord so I really needed a car. Then for $3000 down with $300/mo lease, with all the extras, this sounded like a pretty good deal. Plus, my girlfriend could drive it, too, as she is not really into manuals. So I sucked in.

I love the car so far but have some regrets:

- I love the looks both inside and out. The interior is especially beautiful and well though-out. The leather with red accents is hot.
- Hands down, the electronics in this car beats anything out there in this class or at least up to the $50K+ cars. The 8" touch screen is amazing and super smart. Split screen navigation / satellite radio. Telling it voice commands like calling someone or finding an address. Wireless cellphone charging. USB port where it should be. I can plug a USB stick in and it organizes mp3s into folders/artists, etc. Android Auto. Great bass and overall audio.
- Heated seats. I have never had a car with those before but it is the first thing I turn on now (it's freezing here)!
- BlueLink... while the app could be prettier, it's nice to be able to (un)lock and start the car remotely from the phone. It has other features that I haven't tried out yet.
- Once going, in Sports mode, it is exhilaratingly fast. It is a joy to accelerate from 55 to 80mph in seconds.

- I am not impressed with the AT. It is quite slow to accelerate until it hits the second gear. The DCT is also somewhat slow to shift in manual mode, so either way the 0-10 is slow. My 99 Accord had a way faster takeoff. Plus I really miss the stick... it might be my sticking point, ha!
- On short trips the MPG is not that great. My work is 4.5 miles away and I rarely get to 25MPG city driving. It seems to suck up a ton of gas upon start and then it slowly goes up. The longest trip so far was 115 miles and I averaged 32.2MPG which was good but mostly rural 40-60MPH roads. Yesterday, I did a 108 mile road trip, mostly highway, and I got 29.3MPG overall. Admittedly, a few parts of it exceeded 90MPH but still, my overall average is 27MPG.
- You can't switch between imperial and metric units on the dashboard as far as I know. Would be nice going to Canada or Mexico.
- There seem to be no aftermarket parts. I would like to get a hitch for bikes but can't find one. I would like to get a roof rack for a kayak but none seem compatible with the panoramic sunroof if you still want to open it.

I have 1550 miles on the car. Just got winter tires. The 225/40 R18s are expensive, around $800 for 4 but I got slightly used ones on Craigslist for $400 so will see how they handle in the winter. I think I should've gone with Subaru Imprezza instead. $19K stick with AWD and factory roof racks and similar payment, and I would own rather than lease. Ugh, lesson learned!

Despite everything, this is an amazing car, and I'm happy to join to Hyundai community!


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