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From 2016 STI to 2018 GTS

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Traded in my baby of 3 years to help support my new real baby arriving in September! Got myself a white GT Sport and am honestly digging it. Turbo on 87 octane is nice. Hatch space is nice. And the money I'm saving on payments/insurance/gas alone is nothing to laugh at. I owned a 2010 VW GTI before the STI and honestly this car reminds me a lot of it. Same HP, same drivetrain, but honestly I like the Elantra interior more. I can't live without a turbo in my life so this was the car I picked and so far I'm glad I did :). Just added tint last week and got LED license and reverse bulbs on the way!

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Great pick up, if you're really about its sporty character I think you might find the new N trim worth considering.
Yeah I just saw the articles on it. Kinda bummed I missed it by a couple weeks. I didn't realize it was going to completely replace the Sport trim and be offered at same price with all the upgrades they're adding. I thought they were going to add the N-Line trim as a third tier at a higher price. Oh well. Now I'll have a somewhat rare trim Elantra in the future. Lol
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