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Fuel Economy

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Anyone else surprised by the fuel economy on the sport/n-lines? They advertise 9.2L/100km combined fuel economy (30 ish MPG), but I've been getting closer to 7.2L/100km (39MPG) with mixed back road driving and some stop and go. I didn't buy the car because of its fuel economy, but nonetheless happy/impressed with it.
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According to the onboard computer I'm averaging right around 30-31mpg. I've never validated these numbers.
Wow. I wish I got anywhere near that combined. On highway I do see 31-32MPG, but my average is closer to 21MPG. I do mostly stop and go city, though. I don't baby it anywhere, either, so that doesn't help.
I’ve been getting pretty good around town, really good on the highway


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I had calculated my last tank. Computer was reading right around 32mpg. I calculated 31.6mpg. Mostly local driving and I'm a bit heavy on the gas pedal. Better mileage than I expected. I have the DCT trans.
At just over 10k miles I've averaged 29.5mpg according to the computer. I drove a mix of highway (with 30% stop and go traffic) and urban city (stop signs every block, traffic, lights, etc.). I've noticed that when using the smart cruise control over long distances, the economy is quite good on the highway, even at higher speeds (~33mpg). I have a DCT sport with tech.
I consistently get 37 mpg on the freeway. That's the on board computer number. Even if that number is high, which I'm sure it is by a couple mpg, real world mpg in the 35 range is a nice bonus.
I mostly commute in dense urban rush hour traffic.

About 100km a day in Toronto.

I'm sitting around 8.5/9L per 100km

I'm also WOT throttle whenever I can be, and it doesn't seem to change these numbers too much.
I'm consistently getting 35mpg on the highway.
I'm consistently getting 35mpg on the highway.
How many miles are on your Elantra GT?

Hopefully over time MPG's still stay consistent with the recommended maintenance.
Mine on a big drive flat even speed at 115 km he was 7.5 in nb at 125km hr with hills was 8.5 in town is typically 10.5 I have the gt ntype.
Hi: All... The only thing I know for sure about "Fuel economy" is when I get to use my wifes GT it's usually near empty!!!
Whitelightening North shore of Lake Erie.
I am impressed by the performance of 7.2 liters for the 2.0 engine. Although it seems to me that the 9.2 is advertised not by chance, we are just then surprised by the super results, but okay, I won't start a conspiracy theory. In general, the performance on the 1.6 engine is even more economical, with a consumption of 6.9 liters, which is even more impressive. I found out on these indicators so that the picture will be more explicit:
Characteristics: 2.0
Volume, cubic meters. see: 1999
Power, hp: 150
The torque. Nm: 192
Transmission type: Manual 6-speed or 6-band "automatic"
Acceleration to 100 km / h, sec.: 9.9
Fuel consumption per 100 km of the mixed cycle: 7,2
Share even more of your consumption indicators; it will be interesting to see the reality. And, in general, write what problems this model has.
I'm not sure of my exact L/100km but I'm averaging just under 500km per tank with mainly highway driving and without traffic set cruise to 128. I was told the n line gets better mileage than the regular GT but I think I was getting either a little better or about the same with my old GT. My fiance has a 2020 Tucan and gets better mileage than my N line. I tried premium fuel and now back to regular with no real difference found in mileage or performance. Do I need to be worried my car is burning a ton of fuel on me or is there an addictive I could put in it?
You're probably alright. I find the car bad at highway speed (especially if you're doing almost 130) the sweet spot seems to be around 70-100km/h which is most of my backroad driving that I do. Best I've gotten on a 50km trip is 5.2 L/100km
Just bought a 2019 N Line manual with 23k so it's broken in. So far mostly city driving and around 20-22mpg. Coming from a 5 speed so used to taller gears and higher revs, and as this engine is quiet the noise doesn't often clue me in to upshifting if I don't notice the tach. When I set the dash screen on instant mileage calculation and focus on that, it's better, but more boring. And if I obey the upshift prompts it's downright intolerable. Shifting to 6th at 2K seems ridiculous. Yet clearly that's what the EPA estimates must be based on. I don't care. I bought this car to enjoy and if it sucks up more gas I'll just eat less food. Win-win.
Wow. I wish I got anywhere near that combined. On highway I do see 31-32MPG, but my average is closer to 21MPG. I do mostly stop and go city, though. I don't baby it anywhere, either, so that doesn't help.
I'm in the same boat. It can average around 32MPG on the freeway, but with more city driving, I average around 25MPG per tank.
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