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hello to all. I am not very experienced in forums, but I am sure I'll have some issues you all can help me with, and, in turn, I may be able to help on some issues in the future. I just bought a 2016 GT base. love the car! (VIN says built in Jan 2015). so far, I have added DRAG DR 19 wheels, Weathertech window vents, and am in the middle of trying to buy fog lights. I note that there is a lot of conflicting info out there about the fog lights. the blank on my car is large and most of the "replacement lights" readily available are smaller and with a "tail". Anyone else run into this? I am also halfway thru installing a set of custom made seat covers (SeatDesigns)....and want to remove the back seat backs (just the backs). Any guidance with that? thanks in advance!
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