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Hey Everyone

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I don't have a GT yet, but I plan on getting one in May when my dealership obtains the N-line.
As for right now, I am Hyundai Parts Manager. If you need any OEM parts (US ONLY) and don't mind paying for Shipping I can get you a pretty good deal.

But I have a question for 17-18 GT 1.6T Manual Owners.
Would someone who has a RED Manual Shift knob please provide me with their last 6 of their VIN? I have a customer who would like one, and there are two different Color Codes for the Shift knobs. Thank you.

I look forward to being on here most of time, and getting to know some of you.
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Welcome to the forum! What colour are you planning on getting?
I'm loving my N-Line so far.
Would you happen to know the part number for the red ring around the push start button for the 2018 sports? I'd like to get one for my N-line since its just a boring silver


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2019 GT N-Line 1.6T DCT in the Summit Grey/Gray (however you wanna spell it)
I've been having the hardest time trying to decide whether I wanted the 6-speed or the DCT. Let alone if I get the DCT if I wanna go all out and get the Tech Package.
I figured since I live in the Bay Area of CA a 6-speed would be fun, but a DCT is probably more logical. Plus I'd really only be driving this when its rainy out. Any other time I ride my motorcycle.

If you give me some time (My image Viewer had an update and I need an admin to slap a password in to update it)
Welcome to the forum sir. I for one think its worthwhile getting a 6 speed whenever its an option, as it likely will disappear entirely over the next few years. In terms of actual performance the DCT will probably be superior in most aspects though.
Manual vs Auto is definitely a preference choice. Manual was definitely the way to go for me, makes driving a lot funner and more involving. Unfortunately here in canada the manual comes standard as base (if you can call it that, the car has pano roof dual climate etc..). The auto comes only as tech pack. Because of that the cost between manual and auto is over 5g! The upgraded radio with the tech pack would be nice however.
I'm not sure why they force you into the DCT to get the tech pack. I suspect it may have something to do with the adaptive cruise?

One of the reasons I bought a new car was to switch to an automatic so I never drove a manual. I have another manual car to get my fix. I'd describe the DCT as decent. I never use the paddles I simply let the transmission do its thing. Overall it does a fine job. If you drive more aggressively it'll hold onto a gear and not shift right away. It's not the quickest shifting car. The paddles aren't super responsive. Sport mode is an improvement if you drive hard. It will shift harder and allow even more revving and hold a gear before up shifting. The downside to sport mode is that it doesn't upshift soon enough for more sedate driving so I don't tend to use it often.

I like the tech pack. Stereo sounds great and the navigation is the first I've used in a car that I thought was decent. Not as good as Waze but good enough that I don't typically bother with Waze. The adaptive cruise is impressive too.
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I got to drive the Veloster N we had before we dealer traded it. I loved the transmission in it, but that is probably because it had rev matching and all the bells and whistles.

My last manual car was my truck which I sold to my uncle cause he needed a work truck. (3+ years ago). That was okay in the bay area, cause you don't need to give the engine help due to the torque.

Hyundai's DCTs are nice, I enjoy moving cars from our lot to our storage area on the occasion when they need extra hands. I'm not looking forward to the CVTs their going to put into the 2020 Elantra.

I'm not a big fan of all this new technology. My current car (18 Toyota CH-R) has lane assist, bsw, adaptive cruise control, etc., and I don't use any of that. It just gives people more of a chance to rely on a car that may fail. Sure it's nice and all, just not a fan.

It just comes down to traffic, which there's not a lot, but I'd rather not work my left leg out everyday on the way home when I am driving my car.
Would you happen to know the part number for the red ring around the push start button for the 2018 sports? I'd like to get one for my N-line since its just a boring silver
You'd have to get the whole push button assembly, and from what I can see there are different color codes. I just can't see those color, nor do I know what they are. That something Korea has access to, and they take a few days to get that information, unless you can find someone with that red ring, and they provide me with the last 6 of their VIN.
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