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Hi Everyone

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I bought my very first 2018 Black Elantra GT Sport Hatchback in Nov 2017. I am new to this forum and hope to meet and see what everyone does to their vehicles. I'm from the West Coast, LA area and haven't seen anyone with the same vehicle. I'm also trying to figure out what parts are compatible with my vehicle. Thinking of getting custom parts done but will see.
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Welcome to the forum.

I bet that as Hyundai pushes its Performance Division more, eventually they'll be drawn to more affordable versions of that DNA. Elantra GT should be that. LA culture seems to support that environment.
Welcome to the forum man! And there has been a significant increase in aftermarket support already for the GT and Hyundai has just announced it will be releasing a full N parts line across their lineup. Have you done any modifications to your car yet?
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