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Hello all, this seemed like the best place to post this.

I'm about to reach my 6000 mile mark for my first oil change and I was wondering what hard points do I use to lift the car.
I've never owned a unibody car so I'm used to jacking it up at the frame. I'd also like to rotate the tires so advice on all four corners and pictures if you are able would be much appreciated.

Also...with that oil change...if anyone would like to leave their oil brand bias for me to check out that'd be appreciated as well. It's also my first car with full synthetic oil so I'm still shopping and comparing what I'm going to use.

Thanks in advance.

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The jack points should be listed in your owner's manual in the section for wheel replacement in case of emergency.

. Place the jack at the designated
jacking position under the frame
closest to the tire you are changing.
The jacking positions are
plates welded to the frame with
two notches and two dimples.
Never jack any other position or
part of the vehicle. Doing so may
damage the side seal molding or
other parts of the vehicle.
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