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I30 N exhaust fitted to Elantra GT

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has someone tried to fit the I30N Performance exhaust to Elantra GT? Does it sound better?
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Yes, I have it & love it. If you can get one at a reasonable price, I definitely recommend it. Most in North America will go with the Veloster N exhaust since it's usually easier to get. I wanted to try the I30N exhaust because I thought it'd be easier to fit to the Elantra GT N Line than the Veloster N's. While the I30N exhaust tips are bigger than our stock ones, they are still smaller than the Veloster N's tips & fit perfectly in the cutouts for the Elantra GT N Line. But know that the exhaust width is narrower and will have to be adjusted.

As for the sound, it sounds great IMO. It's a little louder than the stock exhaust, with the valve closed, and obviously louder once opened, but still not so loud that neighbors will complain.
So you have the full exhaust system installed, front and back? Because I have thought about just changing the back exhaust and I am wondering if it would change the sound. And how did you connect the valve so that you can close/open it?
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I installed exactly what's pictured above. It sounds great, better than the stock exhaust, but also gives the option of a quieter and louder setting with the valve opened or closed.

As for how to wire it, I had someone do it for me. @Justink posted two videos on youtube that explain how to do it. While these are for a Veloster N exhaust, it should work the same.

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