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Hi all,
Most might know that I bought my mom 2018 gts w/tech. Well, I take it out from time to time because it's fun. I use the tech features such as blue link. Well I updated the latest app and now it can't communicate with the car. I called blue link and they tried to get me to reset the system directly from the car. But one of the step was to check modem for blue link but it said not valid. So they said their engineers will get back to me. Well next day I was going to drive it but the car wouldn't start from fob key. It's like everything was dead. I called my sales guy to see "if he heard anyone having these issue and he said no. He said maybe battery is dead. When I get back I'll will check the battery but if it still don't work I will have it tow to the dealer.

If anyone knows what's going on here and if you think the two issues are related, please let me know.

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