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I think this came out okay. I wound up using a 1/2" wide pinstriping tape, after also buying a 2" wide 3M general purpose vinyl tape (751) that looked just plain awful. It's matte, semi translucent, and just plain cheap looking and feeling.

The pinstriping tape looks great but I'd strongly recommend 3/4" wide for this task.

I've never tried pinstriping before and I'd recommend that you go slow (about 2-3" at a time), push down on the middle of the trim lip (closest point to the outside) then press down and toward the edge on the top and the bottom a little bit as you go to make sure you aren't trapping air bubbles.

I might reapply the front again. I did the back after the front and it came out a bit better. I'm considering redoing the whole thing with 3/4" if I can find some.


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