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K3 Chin Splitter on EGT

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Installed this today. Went pretty good and looks awesome!
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I agree, could you please provide a link for the specific one you bought
It was on eBay, and the ad is done. It’s a Kia K3 splitter; you should be able to find it.
What year K3 Specifically do you recall? 2017-2018?
That looks like it. You will have to play around with the fitment since it’s kind of a retrofit. The easiest way I found was find the dead center of the car on the lowest black bumper piece. Then, start from one side by the wheel to line it up good, and work your way around to the other side being sure the middle piece lines up with your center mark.
Looks great! Thanks for the heads up!


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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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