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Lap 3

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Can anyone who has ordered the lap3 spare ecu tune weigh in on how long they had to wait for theirs to arrive. Also can you weigh in on what mods you had installed when you put it on?

I'm finally ready for the tune except I don't know when my intercooler will arrive. Hoping I shouldn't have any issues running with the stock one in case the ecu comes in first.

Additionally, if you want to speak on your gains and experience I'd gladly like to hear about it.
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Got my ECU about 3 days ago. Installed today with HKS M45XL plugs. Two of my stock plugs were really burnt up. Car started on the first try after the ECU swap but there is no throttle response whatsoever. Awaiting to see what codes pop up along with feedback from lap3. Will likely need to send it back and await a new one.

On the bright side my car is running very well with the new plugs and the stock ECU.
Well that sucks to wait that long and the tune is a flop out of the bag. How many miles on your car now? Did you order just a standard tune?
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