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Hello N-Liners,

I'm new to this forum; also new to the Elantra GT Sport/N Line community. I drive a 2019 Elantra GT N Line with Tech Package. The car has 6600 miles on the Odo (black & black, daily driver, leased) No complaints so far; love the sport mode, features, gets good mileage and pretty quick on the freeway. However due to some unforeseen circumstances I have to part ways with my car, sadly!!. Since the car is a lease, I'm kind of limited to what my options are & was wondering if someone from this community might have some advise. Since Hyundai/kia have restrictions in swapping or trading leases, I'm at a deadend there. I went to a local Carvana dealership and got the car appraised; they offer me $19000, but the pay off is $24,139 on my car, so I'd be taking a massive hit financially.

Is there a way to safely exiting out of the lease without taking a hit?? I am open to selling the car to private parties, but not entirely sure on how it'll work with a lease. It saddens me to part ways with my car, but I'm in a tough spot career wise and with payments.

Appreciate any help or advice from you all.



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