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Looks like my post didn't register...2019 GT N-Line with Tech package, Summit Gray

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After Acuras and Hondas, I'm new to the Hyundai family.

I've always loved warm/hot hatches, ever since my first, a 1991 Acura Integra RS, so stripped it didn't even have AC -but it was so light and a hoot to drive, and one less belt on the engine made it perform well with a stick and its 142hp DOHC 16-valve engine. It brought me to a 1994 Acura Integra GS-R, which I enjoyed at least as much as the points I accumulated on my license; I went to several Honda Civics from there.

Having a little midlife crisis, I looked at hatches again, and found the GT N-Line. I wondered why I hadn't seen it before (probably due to limited availability) and loved the thought of 201hp and a turbo that only required regular gas. And then I found a dealer 90 miles away selling a 2019 certified pre-owned with less than 8,000 miles on it, and had to try it out. I enjoyed it so much, I drove off with it four hours later, happy it even came in one of the two 2019 colors I liked (Intense Blue being the other one).

Driving it puts a smile on my face wider than the Joker, and I love all the features, but most of all how it sticks the road like glue in hairpin turns and how it's unique enough that few people have seen one. I'm sad Hyundai didn't do more to promote one of the sportiest-yet-very-practical vehicles they make, but I'm happy to now own one.
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