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Mudflaps, Vinyl, etc for sale!

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Gonna repost this one more time because I'm really trying to sell this stuff..

My 2020 Elantra GT N-line is getting repurchased by Hyundai (RIP) and I have a few things to sell, if anyone is interested. Here are the items, prices include shipping. Send me a DM if you're interested.

Every item is unused except for the mudflaps, which have been on the car for ~4000 miles. I've reduced the prices from my initial asking prices.

Rally Armor Mudflaps (black with red lettering) $95

Premier Auto Styling Red Vinyl Pinstripes (they're cut to fit the front and rear chrome lips) $15

Premier Auto Styling Vinyl Application Kit (Includes heat gun, knife, spray bottle, etc) $20

Unused Black Touchup Paint Pen (directly from hyundai) $15

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Do you have pictures or links to the vinyl? I don't see them on the website.
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