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So I am new and trying to settle in with the Tech Package and a new car. The seat is an upgrade for me even coming out of an Infiniti G37 coupe. I love the car. It is a good fit for me due to increased weekend travel. Better MPG and regular gas. I love the tiny turbo concept with this transmission.

But I do have a few things on my mind that I can't seem to find answers to.

One is easy. Seeing other EGT's on the road, I question my body image. Is it different? Did the body change and when.? I think I like the old style better but maybe I am imagining things.

Two is the sound . It is clear and loud enough as others have stated but it seems flat compared my old car . Sort off dull I think. Maybe it is just the acoustics of the car. I have the rear seats down to hear the sub better and the highs are bright but I feel it could be improved by replacing the front door speakers. Are they a standard size? Has anyone been in there yet?

Three . I think I found a bug in the software. I did the November update and the feature set is a little better but I loved the colors of the old maps better. No biggie. But.....when I save locations to Favorites and My Places in the Navigation address book I can see them in there when I use the touch screen to get there. No problem bit THEN when I use the voice command to open the address book it asks do I want Favorites or My Places. Good so far. THEN if I say My Places it comes up empty!! Favorites are there but nothing in My Places. Empty. Even tho I can see it in the address book fine when I use the touch screen. Weird. Anybody else out there seen this?

Thanks for listening and responding if you do.
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