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2019 GT N-Line; Fiery Red 6MT
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Congrats on the purchase!

Many of the popular mods for the cars are
- Intake
- Upgraded hot pipe
- Downpipe
- Axle back (they can be loud, but it does sound good)
- LAP3 Pro-tuner or ECU calibration
- Lowering springs

Overall the car is good from the factory, mine is still relatively stock other than axle back and intake to maintain warranty, but I'll likely get a tune in the future!

SXTH element is one of the better aftermarket companies for this car, performance wise.

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I just purchased a new 2020 Elantra GT N Line with the 7 speed DCT.
So far I'm in love with it.
I'm interested in some first/must do mods.
Congrats. Is that the Fluid Metal color? Looks nice - always wanted to see a real pic of that color instead of the Hyundia site. Have fun with it - I know I still do after 1 year!
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