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Hello all,
I just purchased (1/20/22) a used 2018 Elantra GT base but it has a lot of great features that you would normally find on the sport model. I had traded in my 2016 Hyundai Veloster for this car while only having 31k and in perfect condition inside and out.
It did come with two different types of tires on it so I'm looking for any recommendations as to what brand is good for the Elantra GT base model. Looking for a quiet and smooth ride. View attachment 1990
I also have an '18 Elantra GT Base 2-liter non-turbo with 6-speed automatic that came with Nexen tires (17x225x45), and they provide a pretty good ride for a 45 tire, they're quiet, and have predictable handling. I had never heard of the brand, but have not complaints.

If you're in the USA, check whether your car has gone in for the recent service recall to update the engine control computer software. It's free. I had it done to my car a couple of months ago, and it made a noticeable difference driveability. The engine/transmission seem to get along better, shifting is significantly smoother, and the awful moaning sound under moderate acceleration is much less noticeable. I haven't put many miles on the car since the update, so can't say if gas mileage has improved. Check it out.
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