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Finally joining this forum! Purchased a new Elantra GT Nline in Sept. 2019. DCT 7 speed, Tech option package. Only options missing are blind spot alert and rear bumper sensors. It has everything else. Amazing car I drove the crap out of it when I
got it and now at the end of August 2022 I have 54,000 miles on it! Just did the spark plugs with OEM NGK factory recommended that at 42,000, I was a little late. Old plugs looked great a slight tan look to the end all looked identical. Plug replacement took 15 minutes I did it myself. I live in Wisconsin this car is a daily driver we get snow most I have driven in is 10 inches plus on the roads car tore right through it. Washed every week of its life, lots of steel parts underneath so underbody flushes are a must. I have had no problems with this car, none. Zero. I call it Lil' Red Menace.
Ask me anything! Thanks! Video on You Tube search for: Lil Red Menace
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