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2020 Elantra GT N Line Fluid Metal 6MT
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Hey all,
Not a new owner. I have had my 2020 N Line since November of last year, a birthday present to myself. My N Line is the Liquid Metal color with the 6 speed manual. I have installed the AFE axle back system, with the muffler delete. I also installed a K&N Cold Air Intake system. Both have helped with the already nice acceleration and fuel economy, I like the sound as well.

Unfortunately had to have the accelerator pedal module replaced, which the service manager indicated he has never heard of ever needing to replace this module. Eventually going to look into replacing the tires to find something that is stickier then the Michelin Sport S4s that came on it. Also since I live in Las Vegas I have installed a dash cam, a lot of really bad drivers out here.
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