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I’ll be honest. I bought this car in 2018 for my son. Anyways, i Ended up with it. For me it’s just my commuter to work and back, I’m 80 miles a day, mostly at 70-80 mph. But I do hit traffic occasionally.
anyways, I’ve replaced the plugs at 50k. Otherwise nothing else except oil changes/ air filters, blah blah.
what I notice is the dual clutch auto trans seems to shift funny in stop and go. It kinda chatters or seems to hesitate on the solenoids for gears. Is this normal? Car has no issues and is much smoother if your harder on the throttle.
i haven’t changed or serviced the trans. Should I?
i want to learn about this car. The manual, from what I have read, isn’t requiring a trans service.
im very knowledge with autos btw. Enough to know that Hyundais are not my specialty.
i appreciate the feedback in advance.
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