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New owner of a lightly-used 2019 GT N-Line (Tech Package)

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I have loved warm/hot hatches ever since my first, a 1991 Acura Integra RS, so stripped of options it didn't even have AC, but light as a feather with its 142hp DOHC 16-valve. I went on to a 1994 Integra GS-R, but since then have had a couple of Honda Civic sedans.

Recently, kind of having a mid-life crisis, I started looking again, and found the Elantra GT N-Line, which (with the tech package) looked like the perfect combination of everything, especially taking regular fuel in a category most don't. I started searching for them, and found a dealer 100 miles away, with a certified pre-owned 2019 GT N-Line in Summit Gray (one of my two preferred colors for the year) with less than 8,000 miles on it. I had to try it out to see what the fuss was about, so I invited a friend to come along with me.

I took it for a test drive through streets, highways, and hairpin turn ramps and was seriously impressed by the handling capabilities, performance, reasonable comfort, and electronics for the price. Within ten miles, I knew it was my next vehicle, and four hours later, I drove out of the dealership. It boggles my mind Hyundai didn't make a bigger deal out of a car that's seriously this good and a better value than the Civic Si or Golf GTI.

I am going to have one helluva lot of fun. This car lights up my face in a huge grin every time I've driven it.
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In the US market small efficient sporty cars are a niche market (prime example Fiesta ST) which I previously owned. Watching FORD bail out of the small car market in the US just shows that Americans do not generally buy them. The EU is a different story. Their market has a bigger affinity for them. Allot has to do with their taxes and fuel costs. My lease was up on my FiST so I was looking for a hatch similar to it. Low and behold the 2020 N-line pops up. Needed a automatic as well so my wife could drive so I was impressed with the 7-speed DCT offering. Very few were in my area so I ended up getting a white DCT car without Tech pkg. Currently very happy with my choice and I do not miss my FiST quite as much. Also it is as close as the US can get to the I30 N I so absolutely would love to own. Stay tuned as hopefully Hyundai will provide the US with more exciting efficient small cars. The insatiable appetite the US has for large trucks and SUV's is killing our segment.
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