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Hello guys! I'm new to the forum but I've owned my gt sport since August 2017. Great forum guys. I love this car and I'm glad that everyone else is enjoying it. I have already done a few mods on this car (new wheels, gt emblem switched, and custom red stripe on the front lip). For those interested in pictures let me know!
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Glad to have a new member on the forum!

Would love to see pictures of your Elantra and the changes you have made so far.

What other changes do you plan to make in the future?
Thanks for the kind words! Here are the pics that show the changes I made (Sorry, dno why some pics where upside down). I plan on getting coilovers next to lower the car about 1.5 inches. Exhaust will be one of the last things I'll do, don't wanna mess with the warranty of my car yet.


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Looks great, what did you use for the red strip?
If you take a look at the gap of space in the front lip. You'll see that there is a section on the black lip shaped like a step. It took some trial and error but I found a trim mould on Amazon that fits perfectly and makes the addition look stock. I'll have to look at my orders on amazon and post it here when I find it.
Here is what I used.

All you have to do is cut it to 35 1/4 inches (perfect length). For the red, I did not plastidip the trim I used red vinyl tape. Line up the trim, remove the 3m backing, and place it. That easy!
Was the T emblem on the front just double stick? I just ordered a couple of the Turbo emblems that come on the Elantra Sport to put on my GT Sport.
The T emblem has two long screws in the back with washers. However the grill in the gt sport has gaps in between to where you can fit it perfectly despite the screws. I bought some automotive tape for it to stick on the grill. You have to cut the tape (around the screws) and apply the tape to where the emblem will touch the grill.
Thanks, I think it's weird that our car doesn't get any type of turbo badges but the Elantra Sport does and even the 1.6 Tuscon does!
Yea it is weird! I would have liked for the gt sport exterior to look a little different than the elantra gt besides the dual exhaust and interior, a turbo badge would've help with that.
Me too, I mean I like the stealth look of our cars but a small turbo badge is all it really needs. Haven't really decided where mine will go. I ordered a couple days ago, supposed to be here today since it was 2 day Prime but I got a notice saying they haven't shipped yet.
Yeah I do like the sleeper/stealth look too What would have been good is if they had the DRL in the sport model mirror that of elantra sport or i30 N compared to the base model to help differentiate the front a little. Did you get the turbo badge that says "turbo" on it? Funny how you mentioned where your turbo badge will go because I was actually planning on moving the T to the upper left part of the grill, I like that position similar to where the i30 N has the N badge.
DRL would be a nice little difference and help tie the two sport versions together a bit even though they are very different cars. I did order the badge that says turbo, just like the Elantra Sport has, just waiting for it to arrive and figure out placement. I like the position of the N badge as well. I actually ordered 2 of the turbo badges, I might just use the T from one of them.
Hi everyone, Have a question concerning removal/replacement of the emblems on the rear of the car. I have a 2018 GT Sport. When I examine the 'Sport' emblem it appears the letters are not attached to each other, i.e., they are individual letters. Is that true? If it is, you would need to glue each letter to the car individually. That makes no sense, but before I start to remove the emblems thought I'd ask.
From where did you order the Turbo badges?
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