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Only summer tires offered with manual trans?

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The Elantra GT N line is one of the top candidates on my next car purchase list. This in one of the few that made it through my checklist for a responsive vehicle that is practical and comfortable for my daily commute and road trips while still having decent reliability and within my price range.

It struck me as odd that the stick version is only offered with summer tires. Since this is not a racing vehicle, I don't follow the logic. Please let me know what I am missing. All-season tires don't handle snow anywhere near as well as winter tires, but I understand that winter driving driving shouldn't be done on summer tires for temperature reasons alone (forget snow). Would anyone buying these in most of the US just plan on picking up a second set of wheels with All Season or Winter tires?
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Really depends on where you live in the US to determine if all seasons will be sufficient for the winter. Would suggest getting a smaller set of wheels for the winter months anyways. Will improve the cars performance. Might be able to find a cheaper set from a GT Sport.
I have the opposite problem. I have the DCT that came with all season tires. I live in Iowa and will be getting winter tires in preparation for next winter, and would much rather have summers for the rest of the year. So I may have to buy another set.

Hey, if you live anywhere near Iowa and you get the manual, let me know if you wanna swap tires 😉
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