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Performance Exhaust

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I noticed on the Hyundai Canada website if you build a GT sport then goto accessories and choose exterior accessories you can pick a performance exhaust, no pics or any specs on it but for a price of $1499.49 CDN I don't think it would matter, they won't sell too many at that price. Its only a high flow axle back bolt on
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They posted a pic of it briefly as it seems gone now but, i could swear it was the takeda one, too funny!!!

Point is SXTH Engineering in the states has done the imaging and will be doing a prototype soon for our 2018 GT Sports Axle back. They advised me it would come in around 500-600 USD which will transalte into less than a 1G perhaps customs included as well. They have told me it will be coming to market soon with the bolt on ready version.
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