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So, I had these same mount bushings on my Veloster turbo. After doing some drunk image matching late night I decided they looked similar enough for me to splurge on the $30 and gamble having to bother with the refund if they didn't work.

Today I finally got time to get under my car and pull the mount out. Now this is a simple project. I removed two 10mm bolts in the shroud so I could move it enough to get the socket wrench on the bolt that is closer to the engine (17mm) and then there's two 14mm bolts towards the back of the mount. This is all clearly visible once you get underneath the car. The trick is to take the whole thing out and then put the front part back on with the bolt holding it in place and use the 14mm socket to loosen the bolt that runs lengthwise holding the whole thing together.

The bushings will need to be sanded down a bit to get them to fit in the mount. I just used the stock mount as a guide for how much I needed to shave off, I used a Dremel with a sandpaper tip. Once the stock bushings come out you will immediately notice how soft and spongy they are compared to the new ones. Install is the reverse. All said and done including jacking the car up was about an hour.

Pros: smoother power delivery, less wheel hop if you do spin and better shifts.

Cons: it does vibrate more. With no AC on its negligible, but with the AC on you will notice more vibration over stock. Once you get on the gas it disappears.

Totally worth it in my opinion


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