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Rear window replacement question

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Someone vandalized my rear windshield while car was parked out on the street in front of the school I work at. What is the best way to get it fixed/replaced? The entire thing is shattered and it looks like the tint is holding it together for now...

Should I go to the nearest Hyundai dealership? Or local auto glass shop?(I came out to my car around 6:40pm and most shops are closed).

Also, should I file claim on my insurance?(cost of replacement + rental car?)

Any tips on what I should do, would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Dealership should be able to give you an estimate over the phone. I suspect it will be 50% or more higher that than an independent auto glass company. Some Indy auto glass business are mobile, My last car (mazda 6) had the front windshield replaced in the parking lot of my employer. Look for one that offers that service. You might ask if they use OEM glass as well.
Also, a quick Google search found that the average rear glass repair for a car is $325. If your Ins. deductible is $500 it is a mute point. If it's $250 than is the possible increase in premiums with a claim worth it to put $75 back in your pocket? Those are questions to ask your Ins company.
Thank you both, for the info. Will call around local glass repair shops tomorrow. Btw, I found out (from cctv footage from school) that the damage was caused by some people who were playing baseball in a soccer field that is across from the street where I the video, they approached the car to inspect damage and just left...should I file a police report?
That would likely be a waste of time if you don't intend to go through your insurance.
Yeah, sure enough you have to work it out through your insurance agency. First of all, it’s out of your fault, and that means that there will not be a clause of something making it impossible to solve the problem. Secondly, I can show you a whole list of car insurance companies that will most likely be able to solve your problem. Here you can take a look and understand what I’m talking about. I have also faced a similar problem like you had, and actually, they have paid for everything. If you have some more questions you can always send me a personal message, I’ll be happy to be of any assistance!
Go to the dealership and estimate the costs of the repairs. After that, take the bill they offered you and go to the insurance company where your car is insured. If you have full coverage insurance on your vehicle, they are supposed to pay for everything. At least, this is why I did when my car was vandalized. I insured my vehicle at Cancelling Your Car Insurance Policy. To my surprise, they paid for absolutely everything, even if I don't have full coverage insurance on my car. I hope you'll manage to fix your vehicle as soon as possible.
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